For those of us with a tendancy towards addictive behavior (and we know who we are), binge viewing brings out the hidden beast. You know, that series of weekends lost to seasons 1-5 of Breaking Bad, that had you lost in a blurry-eyed funk of tv-blue crystal meth fumes. This is what I’m dealing with…

Here’s the thing: I can’t stop watching the middling good Brazilian HBO series Preamar. Is it because of the gorgeous Rio scenery and beaches? Is it because Portuguese sounds so much rougher around the edges than I always think it will (it’s like the Swiss German of Romance languages)? The acting is fairly good, the story lines a bit predictable, but the thing is that the actors are good enough to make me either love or pretty much hate them. Bottom line: I’m fairly obsessed.

So please people, speak out:  are you, too, a binger? And has anybody but me been watching Preamar?

Also of note, HOORAY: Judy Greer, one of my favorite actors that doesn’t pop up nearly enough is coming back Btw, why oh why was Miss Guided ever cancelled? It was cute, deviated enough from the formula to entertain, and – damn it – was just funny. Now you can’t even find it on (but did find it belatedly on!  Makes it challenging for a binge viewer…

And, kind of exciting for all of us who use our hands when telling people where we come from…per Michael Moore:

This week, the Motion Picture Association of America, the main federation of Hollywood’s six major studios, posted on their web site a list of what they believe may the best movie theaters in the world.
And the first one on their list was… the State Theatre of Traverse City, Michigan!

Yes, people of the mitten, this is exciting!

And now for promised linkage fun:

That’s it for now. Hopefully you laughed, rolled your eyes, or said something like “seriously? does she have nothing better to do?” Well, not everybody gets a few moments here and there to play, so I thought I’d play nicely and share. Ha!